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Interior Design

Whatever your interior design plans, come talk to us. Our designer will integrate your ideas and lifestyle to built you a space/property that will be a joy to use. No space/property is too small for us to design

Design & Build

Design & Build is our forte. We will design your property and handle the building/renovation for you. Our great team of artisans and workers will take care of the A to Z of your renovation and interior design works – from plumbing to lighting, from furnishings to fittings ; in short from floor to ceiling!

Design Consultation & 3D Visualization

Should you opt for us to design your space/property only (without us building it), you will be provided with design plans that includes 3D Rendering for ease of visualisation.

Bespoke Furniture

Our team of artisans and carpenters will be able to furnish your home with the styles of your choice. Pick from modern contemporary, nordic to classical or any styles in between! Custom-make your furniture to reflect your character!

Landscape Design

While Interior Design is our forte, we understand the joys of a beautiful garden. In this, Catappa Design Studio will help you with your landscaping too to complete your beautiful property.

Interior Decoration

Our Stylish accessories and fittings are sourced directly. Many of which are custom made. Not having to trawl through endless brochures and websites yourself (for the perfect piece) means you will have more time to enjoy your gorgeous home!